1. General Terms and Conditions

All bookings made are binding. Prices include VAT. We reserve the right to any errors in pricing and texts. All buses are smoke-free. Our buses are not wheelchair accessible as they do not have low-floor entry.

2. How do I book a ticket?

To book your ticket with us, you can use the homepage.

If you prefer, you can contact us by phone and we will assist you in making a booking.

Our tickets are sold as standard without cancellation protection to make the journey as cost-effective as possible.

We offer cancellation protection for those who are uncertain about their travel plans. Read more in the section below. How do I cancel my trip?.

After booking, you will receive a confirmation via email and/or SMS based on the contact methods you provided during booking. Please contact us if you do not receive the confirmation. The booking number provided in the confirmation can be used for any potential rebooking or cancellation of your trip. We do not use physical tickets. You only need to provide your name to the driver, who will check you off on the passenger list.

It is the passenger's responsibility to verify that the details in the order confirmation match the booked route, time, and date, and to promptly contact us if there are any discrepancies. You are also responsible for ensuring that we can reach you at the phone number or email address you provided during booking.

3. Are there any baggage rules?

You are allowed to bring one suitcase in the luggage compartment free of charge. The luggage must not weigh more than 23 kg and should be labeled with your name, address, and telephone number. Additionally, you may bring a smaller piece of hand luggage inside the bus. Please note that Connect Bus/Marstrand Express does not take responsibility for valuables or cash stored in the bus's luggage compartment, as it is an area the driver does not always have full supervision over.

Travelers with strollers or walkers/wheelchairs may bring these items free of charge in the bus's luggage compartment. For safety reasons, no luggage should be placed in the bus aisle or near any exits.

Oversized items or bicycles may be accommodated subject to availability and for a fee of SEK 50. Please contact customer service beforehand to verify adequate luggage space on your specific departure. Please note that the driver has the ultimate responsibility and may refuse goods that cannot fit or be transported safely.

Passengers are prohibited from bringing luggage of a dangerous nature or that may cause significant inconvenience, such as explosives, flammable liquids, toxic, infectious, corrosive substances, and weapons. Fragile luggage should be securely packaged.

Connect Bus/Marstrand Express is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen luggage. We recommend travelers to have their own insurance coverage. Exceptions apply in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct by Connect Bus/Marstrand Express, or in the event of an accident. According to applicable law, passengers are entitled to compensation for luggage that is damaged or lost due to accidents occurring as a result of bus usage.

If luggage is lost or forgotten, please contact Connect Bus via email at bagage@connectbus.se. This address reaches our depot managers who will respond to you as soon as possible.

4. Pets

It is permitted to bring animals on the bus, these must be on a leash, cage or bag. When bringing fur animals on the bus, please sit far back in the bus out of consideration for other passengers.

5. *Free re-booking!

As a passenger with Marstrand Express, you are entitled to one (1) free rebooking for your journey. This applies provided that your new journey is of equal or lower cost. If the new journey costs more, you will be charged the price difference. Rebooking must be processed by phone and must be notified to us at least two hours before departure. The free rebooking can only be used once per paid journey. If you wish to make additional changes beyond this, you will need to make a new booking at the regular price.

6. How do I cancel my trip?

To cancel your trip with us, click on 'Cancel' at the top of the page. To receive a refund from your booking, you must have opted for cancellation protection. With this protection, the full regular ticket price will be refunded, but not the cancellation fee. Please note that to qualify for the cancellation protection, the cancellation must be made at least two (2) hours before departure. You can also contact us by phone, and we will assist you with your cancellation.

7. Payment options via phone

We are happy to assist you with your booking at telephone number 073-519 66 02 or 070-380 98 10. Our phone hours are weekdays from 08:00 to 16:00. We are closed on public holidays and weekends.

Payment options offered for telephone bookings include payment upon boarding with a debit card, Swish, or cash.

8. Payment options on board: Card payment

You can choose to pay with a debit card, Swish, or cash on the bus.

On-board card payments are made directly to the driver using iZettle card payment. It works just like shopping in any physical store—insert your card into the reader and enter your PIN. You will receive a receipt, of course.